Release Archive – PMK 1.x

PuMuKIT 1.8.0-RC1 – 14th Jul 2014

Source Installation guidemigration guide – user guide

New Features and Release Notes:

  • New drag and drop cataloging tool based on UNESCO tags
  • Improvements on the cataloging tree
  • Improvements on the Apache Lunece based internal search engine
  • Database “denormalization” to improve the performance of the application.
  • Backend internationalization and English translation file available
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixing
  • Code repository migrated to Github

 PuMuKIT 1.7.0 – 22th Jan 2013

Source  – Installation guidemigration guide – user guide

New Features and Release Notes:

  • Opencast Matterhorm Integration [1]. PuMuKIT provides now an elegant and customizable front-end, as well as enhanced capability for cataloging your OC-MH videos in a good-looking media portal
  • Minor user interface improvements: New image thumbnails to increase the difference between series and multimedia objects.
  • Series secret-links to share the content of a series before publishing.
  • CAS single-sign-on integration. [2]
  • Bug fixing



PuMuKIT 1.6.0 – 2nd Nov 2012

SourceSource+Demos  – migration guide


PuMuKIT 1.5.0 – 31th Mar 2011

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